Daisies Greeting Card

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The humble Greeting Card. The true solid staple of the card world. This card is 7x5 Inches. Blank. Matching Envelope. 

Artwork by Makitoy

About Ohh Deer: SO WHO ARE OHH DEER? We’re a greeting card, stationery and gift company operating from our HQ in Loughborough. Founded in 2011, we’re proud to say that Ohh Deer quickly became the established go-to place for contemporary, arty, and funny illustrated products. WHY THE NAME? Well it’s not as exciting as you might think! We made a long list and Ohh Deer is the name we kept coming back to. It’s got the extra ‘h’ because the .com was available - it’s pronounced Oh like Po, not ooh like flu GREETING CARDS Greeting cards are our thang! What makes us unique is our incredible roster of over 100 talented creatives based around the world. They work alongside our fantastic in-house team to bring you a well-rounded and eclectic collection! A share of the revenue goes to every 1 of the 100 artists, which enables us to support every artist we work with. We also have well-known artists/brands such as Gemma Correll, Bob Ross, Hello!Lucky, Cath Kidston, and many more. SUSTAINABILITY We're committed to being plastic-free, all our products are sent either without plastic packaging or with sustainable bio-cello. We lithographically print our cards and they're made from locally and sustainably sourced paper. We only use vegetable and resin inks. Our envelopes are made from recycled paper. And in 2021 we began the process of auditing the entire supply chain for all our products. The Results? All carbon associated with the products and shipping of our greetings cards is now offset.