Emil Bach House Night Light

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The Emil Bach House is one of the homes Wright designed after his 1911 return from Europe, and is an example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s late Prairie style. The home is part of a series of geometric, cubic homes with overhanging, flat roofs. Of the houses of this type in Chicago, with cubic masses and a slab roof, the Bach House is the only one left standing. The windows of the Emil Bach House are a restrained version of the dancing triangles of his Prairie art glass, tamed for use in a small house. Most of the windows of the house contain only a narrow leaded border. Only a few of the windows have the asymmetrical pattern, executed in yellow and lime-green glass.

Frank Lloyd Wright night lights by AlaModerna are made with cherry veneered MDF. This elegant night light feature slats on the top and sides with a clear acrylic bottom panel to allow more light to shine through. The base is almond colored to blend in with the cherry motif. 4" x 4" x 1.5".