Fallingwater. Frank Lloyd Wright's Romance with Nature.

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Written by Lynda S. Waggoner

Frank Lloyd Wright was once asked if he went to church.  He responded that his church was Nature with a capital N. A reverence for nature permeated Wright's work from the beginning.  The sun, trees, stones, and water were elements of the natural world that Wright studied and ultimately incorporated into his style of "organic architecture".

Fallingwater--Wright's masterwork--is considered his sublime integration of building and nature.  Deep in the lush Pennsylvania forest, Fallingwater rises as a testament to Wright's genius.  Nowhere else is his architecture felt so warmly or appreciated so intuitively.

Wright's deep understanding of nature and man's place in nature is presented through this architectural icon. An abundance of beautiful photographs of Fallingwater, elegantly framed by its dramatic natural setting, illuminates the naturally inspired features of Wright's masterpiece.  Wright authority Lynda S. Waggoner's introduction--along with excerpts from Wright's observations of nature and quotes from philosophers such as Emerson and Thoreau, who profoundly influenced Wright's thinking--reveals how this legendary twentieth-century architect made the natural world a central element in his revolutionary approach to architecture.

Lynda S. Waggoner is curator and administrator of Fallingwater. While still in high school, she was hired as a guide at Fallingwater, a circumstance that led her to study architecture and art history. In 1985, after a hiatus of nearly ten years, she returned to the site to assume her present duties and oversee the award-winning preservation of the building. Ms. Waggoner resides with her husband in the remote Pennsylvania country of the Laurel Highlands in a house she loves almost as much as Fallingwater.
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