MoMA's Fenestra Bookends - Set of 4

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Add bold pops of color and visual interest to your bookshelves, desk or mantelpiece with this set of four Fenestra Bookends, which stack to form beautiful, modern compositions. When nested together, they resemble a window with a landscape view (“Fenestra” is Latin for “window”). The compact and versatile design helps you organize your books without taking up too much space, as they add character to your home. Made of steel, this set of Fenestra Bookends includes a bookend in blue (6.25"h), green (7.5”h), yellow (7.5"h) and red (10"h). Designed for MoMA’s collaboration with the MFA Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts they are playful, decorative and functional. 

Designer: Eugenia Ramos Alonso

Size: Blue:6.25"h; Green: 7.5'h; Yellow: 7.5"h; Red: 10"h

Materials: Steel