Liberty Classic Floral Origami Flower Kit

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Origami flowers are a natural extension of the Liberty brand–combining flowers, floral prints and making. The Liberty Classic Floral Origami Flower Kit contains origami paper and instructions to create a decorative Kusudama flower ball, plus 4 additional flower designs. The origami papers feature double-sided full color Liberty floral origami paper designs. The floral print mix allows the maker to create a personalized palette for the decorative flower ball. The kit contains 75 sheets, enough to make 1 kusudama ball plus 3-15 additional flowers, depending on the flower design. The box is sized to hold works in progress or to store several completed flowers. The kit includes 8 colorways of Mitsi, tying back to Liberty’s historic love for Japanese motifs and 2 colorways of the classic Margaret Annie to harmonize the palette.

  • 2 Piece Box: 6.25 x 6.25 x 2”
  • 75 6 x 6” 80gsm Sheets of 4/4 Printed Origami Paper
  • 5 Designs, 15 Sheets Each
  • 4 pp Instruction Guide (6 x 6” folded)
  • Instructions for 1 Flower Designs in 3 variations + 1 Kusudama Flower Ball