Luxfer Prism Night Light

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Frank Lloyd Wright designed and patented a series of forty-five prisms of ribbed clear glass tiles for the Luxfer Prism Company. Typically installed in the upper registers of windows in both industrial and commercial spaces, these 4-inch square sheets of glass used refraction to illuminate deep spaces with natural light. Wright designed The Luxfer Prisms Office Building in Buffalo, New York, 1896-97, with the front and rear walls of the building made entirely of Luxfer Prisms. Wright’s many designs for Luxfer are distinguished by their geometric compositions made up of squares, circles, and ovals that are reminiscent of Friedrich Froebel’s educational gifts that Wright engaged with as a child.

Frank Lloyd Wright night lights are made with cherry veneered MDF. This elegant night light feature slats on the top and sides with a clear acrylic bottom panel to allow more light to shine through. The base is almond colored to blend in with the cherry motif. 4" x 4" x 1.5".