Monocycle XS Earrings

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Monocycle XS Earrings in Orchid by Sibilia. 

H: 1,6” / 4 cm 

W: 1” / 2,5 cm

This piece is the product of a manual and artisanal process.
Use may cause its surface or color to change over time.
Avoid contact with water or any type of perfume.

Sibilia is a modern line of brass jewelry and home accessories handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hailing from the Abasto district, famous for its tango and filigrana, the line invokes Pre-Columbian art and culture, combining it with artisanal wisdom to produce dramatic, hand-molded pieces created with passion and magic. The result, a beautiful, dynamic collection of jewelry that has aptly expanded to include mobiles, desk and tabletop accessories.