Organic Commandment Cube Light

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Organic architecture was the primary principle that guided all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s life and work. He believed that human work should be inspired by how all elements of the natural world work in harmony together. Wright’s Organic Commandment is simple yet graphically powerful and profound. First issued as a limited print run by Wright’s Taliesin Press in 1934, the principles expressed assumed a broader application as a life philosophy.

Wright represented one of his famous philosophies in the geometric designs as follows:

The Circle = Love is the virtue of the Heart

The Square = Sincerity the virtue of the Mind

The Triangle = Courage the virtue of the Spirit

The Lines = Decision the virtue of the Will

AlaModerna cube light is made from 1/4" thick cherry veneered MDF. This quaint accent light will definitely spark up an engaging conversation. Includes a battery operated flickering tea light. Measures 4" square. All AlaModerna products are made in the USA.