Painted Landscape Silk Cotton Bandana

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Silk and Cotton. 22 x 22 inches.

Martyn Thompson began his career making clothes before deciding to document them instead. He worked as a fashion photographer in Sydney and Paris and then in London—where his scope broadened into the world of interiors and still life.

“I’ve chosen fabrics to compliment the painterly nature of my images. My designs transform the body into waves of gentle color and fluid shapes.”

The 1990s saw the development of his idiosyncratic lifestyle photography, embracing a love of the lived environment. He began to develop a new, atypical approach to documenting interiors and architecture. In a Martyn Thompson image the human and the environment are always connected—the ordinary can become something enigmatic. His emotive approach combined with a mastery of natural light is a skill that has made him highly sought after photographer.

“My photography is known for its color palette and a sense of tactility. It’s these qualities I seek to capture in the collection.”

A keen advocate of change and experiment he founded Martyn Thompson Studio in New York City in 2013 and has branched out from his distinctive photography practice into a number of creative expressions. An aesthetic anchored in the touch of the hand, which stems from Thompson’s love of craft, runs through the studio’s work. Today this includes their signature jacquard textile and wallpaper, homewares, accessories and limited edition art.