TWEE She Should Run Gingerbread Woman Sidewalk Chalk - Pink

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A woman’s place is in all the houses - even a gingerbread house! $2 from every sale of TWEE’s Gingerbread Women supports She Should Run

Each order includes: Two handmade sidewalk chalk gingerbread women cut-outs: One in pink with one gold dipped for that extra bit of sparkle

Dimensions: Each cut-out is approximately 4.5 inch in height and 3.5 inches in width

All TWEE chalk is handmade with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging in Philadelphia, PA.

TWEE's Story! An artist, maker, and Philadelphia preschool teacher, Kate Leibrand is the creative force behind TWEE - a company specializing in handmade, small batch, sidewalk chalk. The name TWEE stems from her art school critiques; after repeatedly being told her work was too “twee” or “cute” Kate began to wonder - What was so wrong with that? Instead of changing her aesthetic, Kate embraced it.