"Winter Wonderland" Minimalist Tree Set

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Hand-turned in small batches on our wood lathe, beautiful minimalist trees in varying heights, sizes and styles can create your very own winter wonderland forest on your mantle, table design, or bookshelf. These trees make the perfect heirloom Christmas decor that will last for generations. They are each carved from a variety of responsibly-sourced native and exotic hardwoods such as maple, walnut, bubinga, and cherry. Sold in groupings of 5 to really show off the individuality of each tree. This set has approximately (2) 3 inch, (2) 4 inch and (1) 5 inch tree.

From the small business, Make It Slow. Based out of Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania 

Eco-friendly information

  • Product Materials: Organic
  • Packaging: Recyclable
  • Production: Ethically sourced, Sustainably sourced

 About Make It Slow:

Make It Slow is a brand that aims to inspire you to slow down and savor what means the most in life. We hope our products help point you back to your roots, to slower times and meaningful days. We sustainably + responsibly craft and grow intentional products for the heart and the home. https://www.makeitslow.co/