Wright in Ohio

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“What Frank Lloyd Wright teaches us is that architecture is not the making of a building—a box, a shaft, a cage or a container—but rather the framing of our lives in relation to one another and the world around us. His is a social art—and a geological one—that fixes us in places, connects us through the rituals of daily life and encourages us to go wandering in the world beyond our safe home.”

— Aaron Betsky, Dean, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

“Photographer Tom Schiff ’s work allows us to see the ordinary—or the familiar—in a new way, a way that demands our attention and our purposeful consideration. Here, Tom Schiff’s artistry is on full display. Each image takes one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ohio works and—by tugging and stretching it full-circle—interprets it originally so we can see Wright’s creation freshly and live with it anew, for our time, our day and our age. We can only wonder what the maestro would have to say.”

— Burt Logan, Executive Director and CEO, Ohio History Connection

“Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius manifested itself often throughout his seventy-year career, and he marked this land with some remarkable, unusual, and fascinating buildings. Ohio is lucky to have eleven structures that today are attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright. This book celebrates these eleven designs; their incredible stories and owners, and the master architect.”

Marta Wojcik, Executive Director & Curator, Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House, Westcott Center for Architecture + Design