Wright Panorama

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Wright Panorama amplifies the artistry of Frank Lloyd Wright s architecture with expanse. In the more than 140 Tom Schiff panoramic photographs contained in Wright Panorama, Schiff reveals nearly eighty extant buildings in Wright s oeuvre from a unique perspective. Wright Panorama exhibits the great architect's prolific, varied, and iconic body of work, pulling from it a new shape and offering it renewed appeal. Eric Lloyd Wright s compelling foreword to Wright Panorama introduces Tom Schiff and four noteworthy Frank Lloyd Wright scholars Cara Armstrong, Scott W. Perkins, Margo Stipe, and Marta Wojcik. Since Wright's architecture embraced his strong belief in and respect for Nature, these scholars draw from this and contribute essays from a nature-centric perspective. They further our understanding of the ways each of the natural elements earth, air, fire, and water influences Wright s life and work. In addition, these four essays utilize Schiff s images to more fully illustrate the involvement of the natural elements on Wright's organic architecture.

In his preface to Wright Panorama, Schiff conveys his desire to acknowledge the true as well as extend our framework of seeing, of vision. Schiff likes that his panoramic photography is true to the landscape as seen by the naked eye and is both expansive and challenging. He sees the resulting panoramic image in Wright Panorama as a unique way to see Frank Lloyd Wright's interiors and exteriors, from all vantage points, in one image. Wright Panorama is a continual discovery: A new way of viewing, a new way of discovering the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.